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Archstone Capital Partners

Creating a new brand strategy and identity for a vertically-integrated multifamily real estate firm

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The Brief

Arsenal Capital Partners had reached an inflection point in late 2021 - started in 2015, the company had grown rapidly over the years, and had recently completed acqui-hires of its construction and property management vendors. Looking for ways to communicate the impact of the business changes to its stakeholders, Arsenal engaged us to name, brand, and develop a visual identity for the newly integrated firm.

Our Work

We spent time with the team to uncover brand characteristics that were important to the firm's culture, and we led brand strategy sessions to define the long-term vision, values, and growth goals for the company. Using this information, we created several brand-inspired company names and visual identity moodboards to inform the selection. Once "Archstone" was identified as the frontrunner, we crafted a logo and wordmark to support the brand story, and began delivering the key elements of the new entity launch.


Creating spaces where people build lives.


Archstone successfully relaunched its public-facing and investor-facing brand, reinvigorating its growth and positioning the firm for long-term sustainable brand growth. We continue to be engaged as the brand & marketing support agency for Archstone.

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